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Looking for affordable UK chest freezers? Here at Home Feeling, we pride ourselves on our low-cost range of high-quality home appliances - and our selection of chest freezers is no exception! 

Packed with budget-friendly options, you can explore sleek and practical cheap chest freezers manufactured by brands like Willow, Montpellier, and SIA for prices starting at just £119. 

Available in a variety of capacities starting at a compact 66L and running up to more substantial 198L models, there’s an affordable chest freezer for every household in our extensive online selection. 

With free delivery and free 30-day returns, why not take a look at each chest freezer for sale at Home Feeling to discover the right model for your home?

What is a chest freezer? 

Chest freezers in the UK, also known as deep freezers, differ from most typical kitchen freezers as the door opens like a lid from the top of the appliance. Standard under counter freezers and two-in-one fridge freezers, on other hand, tend to have doors that open to the side.  
As a result, the user will need to reach down into a chest freezer to obtain the contents instead of reaching outwards. 


What are the benefits of a chest freezer? 

One of the biggest advantages of opting for a chest freezer is their low energy usage. As the door on a chest freezer in the UK opens from the top, this helps to prevent cold air from escaping, thus increasing the appliance’s energy efficiency.  

This energy efficiency is ideal for anyone looking to keep their electricity bills at a lower level. The majority of chest freezers also require manual defrosting typically twice a year. While this can sound like more hassle, frost-free or auto defrost freezers often consume more energy and are more expensive to purchase, too. 

Alongside being incredibly economical, it’s also worth mentioning that chest freezers tend to be a popular and practical style of freezer for storing bulky goods. There are no shelves that can limit what you can store and where, giving the user plenty of freedom to save and organise frozen food to suit their preferences. 

Despite being available in varying capacities, chest freezers typically allow you to store a greater amount of goods, too, reducing the number of trips you need to make to the supermarket and saving you time to boot! 


Where should you keep your chest freezer? 

Some families use chest freezers as overflow frozen storage and therefore tend to keep them in their garage. However, many garages have no climate control and chest freezers (like many other household appliances) aren’t designed to be stored in extremely cold or hot conditions. 

If you want to keep your chest freezer in prime condition and reduce the likelihood of malfunctions, it’s therefore recommended that you keep them indoors or somewhere else that you can monitor the room temperature. For example, in your utility area, basement, or pantry. 


Shop UK chest freezers at Home Feeling

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No matter what your budget or chest freezer requirements might be, acquiring your ideal cheap chest freezer is just a few clicks away! 

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